Join me for a crafty getaway in October 2012

Join me for a crafty getaway in October 2012
Come on a crafty getaway in October. Meet other bloggers and get a great goody bag to play with and take home.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Yippee :D

I just had to shout this out as I have just brought my ticket for the NEC !! I am so excited I can't wait as there are a couple of blogging buddies I know are going and we are gonna meet. Is anyone else going on the Sunday (8th Nov)? I got the day off work to go and everything!


Penni said...

WOW a day off work and everything !!!!!

I'm going but unfortunately on the Saturday, which is a shame as I would have loved to have met up. I promise not to buy everything though and will leave somethings for you LOL!!!


Shelly said...

Oh, another lucky girl! I wish I was going, have a great time!
Shelly :)

Emma said...

Erm think I might be going on the sunday...Lol ;-)
Hugs Emma x

Some of my jewellery

I keep getting asked about my jewellery so I am going to put this slide show on here so people can see it easily. Please see above for my normal blog which has turned out to be mainly cards.