Join me for a crafty getaway in October 2012

Join me for a crafty getaway in October 2012
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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Paula has given me 2 awards!!

Paula has very kindly given me these 2 awards it has made my day. The rule is that I have to think of 5 things about here goes

1. I had 2 cats until about 3 months ago when one walked out as normal and has just not come back :(
2. Instead of going to a normal college and doing A levels I went to an agricultural college and studied animal care.
3. I will soon (I hope) have some of my doodles for sale on squigglefly! How great is that!! They have said they want to sell them for me and are working on them at the moment.
4. I used to work in an exotics vets and still have faint scar on my arm where I got whipped by a large iguanas tail.
5. I don't drink as I am allergic to it, a family trait from my Mums side of the family.

As for who to pass them on to well that is just too hard for me to pick just 5 so I want to give it to everyone who reads my blog and is kind enough to leave comments on my cards. Thank you all xx

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Some of my jewellery

I keep getting asked about my jewellery so I am going to put this slide show on here so people can see it easily. Please see above for my normal blog which has turned out to be mainly cards.